Hi ,we ask you, as a first step, for a following offer:
1. Design – “modernization” design update of open source SW Yacy search frontend page. >> See link
This includes implementation in a YACY package. Expectation : You please deliver a Yacy version with a new pre-approved better designed search page. Yacy is open source and free to download. Checking the opensource sw, you will see that there is knowledge in Java required. Wherby maybea friend of yours could help a bit.

Your offer should be at a fixed price and state a delivery date.




We plan some  localbased VitosBee /  Yacy server , each in individual configuration and design to promote local retail, trade , services and tourism. See eg.  https://beiunsinzschopau.de/staatsminister-fuer-wirtschaft-martin-dulig-unterstuezt-zschopauer-initiative

Please contact
Georg von Nessler
Mobile / Signal + 49 157 38 295 296

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